kFootsteps (Freeware)
kFootsteps (Freeware)
A footsteps library for Foley artists and audio editors. For Kontakt 4 and above.
DownloadVersion 0.6
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kFootsteps is a library for kontakt focused to aid those foley artists and audio editors who need to deal with foosteps and lack the time or budget to record, cut and sync them.

Using it is as easy as adding an instance of Kontakt to your DAW, selecting a type of surface and a type of shoe and finally, playing the MIDI keyboard in order to make the footsteps sound.

The idea is to develop a huge library with as many types of footsteps over as many types of surfaces as possible. From trainers walking over a carpet to boots walking over asphalt or even flip flops walking over waste ground!
The aim of this library, is to offer the audio engineer the ability to be able to program footsteps with a MIDI keyboard, without the need of recording and cutting a huge audio file in pieces and syncing every single step along with the talent's movements.

Each pair of shoes on each surface consists of 66 totally different samples distributed as follow:
* 12 samples: Walking slowly (CYAN KEYS)
* 24 Samples: Walking normally (BLUE KEYS)
* 12 Samples: Running (GREEN KEYS)
* 12 Samples: General emotes (YELLOW KEYS)
* 6 Samples: Jumping (RED KEYS)

This library is FREE OF CHARGE, if you have paid for it, get your money back.
You are entitled to distribute this library, but never charge for it.